<aside> 👩‍🚀 Thanks for stopping by, if you are reading this it is because I've successfully managed to put at least one podcast out there. In short, this is my journey to build a living for myself.

by @erd_xyz


For a while I've wanted to put a podcast together. On what I was quite unsure until I saw Road to Ramen. My main problem for the last few months (perhaps longer) has been that I've been a little lost and a little too dormant when it comes to figuring out what it is exactly that I want to be doing with my life. The one thing I do know is that I want to find a way to self sustain myself through something I build.

The main question is why?!

Why do I want to do this? Well, a few reasons...

So now that I've outlined why and the inspiration by DK the Human, I'll attempt to get on with it. One last final disclaimer however, I do often have the tendency to ramble and go 'off-piste'. I think a favourite podcast of mine which reflects a little bit my thought process sometimes is the excellent JFDI cast by Mills from ustwo.

I'm already rambling.

The point is, do not expect utmost coherence (or even professionalism) from each episode. I will tackle different aspects of building, creativity and stumbling blocks. This effectively acts as another way for me to express my thought processes and what I am going through while trying to re-find purpose and build something fulfilling.

This might all fizzle out at some point, but gotta try.

For clarity